Just a short run! Do you want to try how does it feel shooting with a 9mm semi automatic firearm? Or you want to know how sharp you aim at target? Or you just have 15 minutes to spend on the shooting range? Come and use up a magazine of ammunitions with the pistol freely picked. This package can only be used on the "open days" of our club.

1 gun / 10 shots
from 5€ / person 


In the historical city center of Eger deep down under the surface in the famous cellar system „kazamata” really exciting activity is waiting for you.

Are you interested in firearms, have you played them on PC or have you seen them in your favorite movie? Come and shoot with real pistols, revolvers, rifles in the T-Body shooting club.


Under the supervision of our authorized and well trained shooting facilitators of our club we provide opportunity to shoot without having a gun holding permit. Our aim is to give. Our shooting packages can be extended (ex. Quicky), considering the capabilities of the shooting range. You can ask for extra shots for the picked firearms at the place.


Law enforcement package. Sig Sauer, Glock, CZ-75, Heckler & Koch, PA-63 official firearms of the US, German, Czech and Hungarian law enforcement units. Makarov, Luger, .38 special ammo, special feeling and energy, unique experience. Come and try the firearms of police and law enforcement, shoot with five firearms on FBI targets.

5 gun / 25 shots
from 30€ / person 

Five in one package. You don’t have to be Rambo to shoot with firearms in all categories. Small caliber sport pistol, large caliber handgun, small caliber rifle, large caliber semi-automatic machinegun, and semi-automatic shotgun. Glock, MP5, AK47 and fellows all in one package.

5 gun / 50 shots
from 50€ / person 

Sniper package. One small caliber precision rifle, 50 meters, 52 cards. Our snipers shoot from this distance on a deck of French cards. Five shots five cards. Very exciting to play alone, unforgettable experience with friends. At the end the highest card wins, royal flush takes it all

1 gun / 25 shots
from 25€ / person 

Pre-set packages don’t match your taste or you want more? You checked out our firearms and you got a good idea?!? Tell us and we figure out together your special package.  

Based on a unique offer!

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